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I think I'm sick [ONGOING 1/?]

Title: I think I'm sick [1/?]

Pairing: SuMin (Suhoon x Hyunmin)

Rating: PG-13 (for now), fluff, angst, romance

Requested by: Someone in tumblr

Summary: When Hyunmin meets a stranger who has lost everything, he is not quite sure what he should do. Somewhy he feels the need to help, but when the truth comes out, how easy it is for him to accept it? Can a random meeting be the beginning of something beautiful or is helping strangers rather a dangerous thing to do?

Author's notes: I'm really excited for this!

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Here is this really small list of my fanfiction.

FanfictionCollapse )

Sleeping - what a bother! [ONESHOT]

Title: Sleeping - what a bother!

Pairing: SuMin (Suhoon x Hyunmin)

Rating: PG-13, fluffy?

Requested by: mysweetestsuhoon

Summary: DGNA is staying to a hotel in North Japan and Suhoon is not happy being placed in the same room with Hyunmin.

Author's Notes: 878 words. Hopefully it's acceptable. I wish there was more SuMin in this world. And fluffy stories. And DGNA in general.

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You had three months [ONESHOT]

Title: You had three months

Pairing: SuHwan (Suhoon x Jihwan)

Rating: PG-13, fluffy? IDK

Requested by: anonymous someone in tumblr

Summary: Suhoon’s life is messed up. He doesn’t know who he is, does he even have friends or... he has money, he has reputation, he has girls. But that still doesn’t seem enough nor right. And then he meets someone who is so very different from him.

Author's Notes: 1 477 words. Wow, pretty long then? Almost 2 times longer than the SuMin one was... and I’m not even into SuHwan! But I have to say that I realllly enjoyed writing it! Also – I hope you don’t mind Suhoon’s character! It’s really different from how I usually portray him!

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Come back to me [ONESHOT]

Title: Come back to me
Author: Signe
Pairing: YunJae (Yunho & Jaejoong, DBSK)
Genre: Angst, drama, fluff
Raiting: PG-13
Disclaimer: Sadly Jae isn't mine, he is Yunho's. ^^

Summary: JYJ has been away for a while. Yunho did something to Jaejoong before the three of them left. Changmin tries to find out, but Yunho has closed his heart. What happens when JYJ is back and Jaejoong wants to start over again? Will Yunho forgive him and is Jaejoong able to forget what Yunho made him to do?


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Fanfiction: Foolish competition

Title: Foolish Competition
Characters: Starts with Super Junior (main is SuJu), then there are also DBSK, Big Bang, 2PM and others as well, not sure at the beginning.
Pairings: Different pairings: Eunhyuk/Donghae, Heechu/Eeteuk, other from SuJu, not sure yet, I will edit later. x)
Wordcount: No idea. xD
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor, friendship, romance
I don't own anything, sadly. XD
Summary: Heechul really thinks that he's ideas are great. But Eeteuk doesn't think same. So, when Super Junior's bit crazy member is starting something, he tries to stop him. No matter how hard Eeteuk tries, soon most of kpop stars are included this competition, that may be really shocking... but Heechul's intentions were, nevertheless, good. And most importantly, who is the winner, after all?

Idea: part from my sister and part from me. Translating from Estonian to English, I'm not so good at it. xD Try to understand~! ^^

Will soon get better! :D

Part 1

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Fanfiction: Silly joke

004. CHOCOLATEYesung/Shindong

Title: Silly joke
Date: 18.08.2009
Genre: Crack, humor
Words: Not sure, over 200
Summary: Yesung is mad, Shindong tries to make him feel better.

Here is my first fanfiction.Collapse )</div>

Fanfiction challenge

Well, I quess that I'm crazy, buy yeah. :D 
I decided to take part 100 SuJu fanfiction challenge. :D 
Though, I don't speak English very well, I will do my best. :P

Started: 2009.08.16
Completed: 1/100

The list is here:
001. Freefall, Eeteuk/Kangin
002. Christmas, Heechul/Ryeowook
003. Blindfolds, Hankyung/Yesung
004. Chocolate, Yesung/Shindong 
005. Overworked, Ryeowook/Kibum
006. Burn, Heechul/Yesung
007. Dark, Eeteuk/Sungmin
008. Locket, Heechul/Sungmin
009. Coffee, Eunhyuk/Donghae
010. Shiver, Heechul/Heechul
011. Rooftops, Hankyung/Sungmin
012. Chains, Heechul/Kangin
013. Watermelon, Shiwon/Kyuhyun
014. Home, Heechul/Donghae
015. Lick, Heechul/Hankyung
016. Quiet Places, Yesung/Ryeowook
017. Accidents, Ryeowook/Ryeowook
018. Keys, Eeteuk/Shiwon
019. Clocks, Shindong/Eunhyuk
020. Glow, Donghae/Kibum
021. Park Benches, Yesung/Kyuhyun
022. Diamonds, Sungmin/Kibum
023. Tears, Yesung/Shiwon
024. Spotlight, Sungmin/Kyuhyun
025. Smoke, Eeteuk/Shindong
026. Pressure, Eunhyuk/Ryeowook
027. Replacement, Heechul/Kibum
028. Choking, Eeteuk/Ryeowook
029. Sea, Sungmin/Shiwon
030. Warmth, Kangin/Donghae
031. Midnight Walks, Shiwon/Ryeowook
032. Roses, Shindong/Shindong
033. Flirt, Yesung/Kibum
034. Acceptance, Hankyung/Kibum
035. Blind, Heechul/Shiwon
036. Bathroom Tiles, Hankyung/Shiwon
037. Rotation, Hankyung/Kyuhyun
038. "I want you to stay forever.", Eeteuk/Kibum
039. All the People, Hankyung/Donghae
040. Skin, Shindong/Kyuhyun
041. Dance Practice, Shindong/Kibum
042. Suits, Kibum/Kyuhyun
043. Washing Machines, Donghae/Shiwon
044. Rejection, Eunhyuk/Eunhyuk
045. Smooth, Shindong/Sungmin
046. Stuffed Animals, Kangin/Eunhyuk
047. Stutter, Sungmin/Sunmgin
048. That Girl, Eeteuk/Hankyung
049. "What's the difference?", Hankyung/Hankyung
050. Lost, Heechul/Kyuhyun
051. Aliens, Ryeowook/Kyuhyun
052. Cake, Sungmin/Donghae
053. Puppies, Eeteuk/Heechul
054. Self-Image, Hankyung/Shindong
055. Shatter, Kangin/Kangin
056. Filth, Donghae/Ryeowook
057. Scales, Donghae/Kyuhyun
058. Lies, Shiwon/Shiwon
059. Calendar, Eeteuk/Eeteuk
060. Humid, Heechul/Eunhyuk
061. Disguises, Yesung/Yesung
062. God, Hankyung/Kangin
063. Video Games, Yesung/Eunhyuk
064. Balance, Kyuhyun/Kyuhyun
065. Grip, Donghae/Donghae
066. Mice, Eeteuk/Donghae
067. Sunrise, Yesung/Sungmin
068. Degradation, Kibum/Kibum
069. Sailing, Kangin/Shiwon
070. Thunderstorm, Kangin/Sungmin
071. Plays (Theatre), Hankyung/Ryeowook
072. Muscles, Kangin/Kibum
073. Milkshakes, Eeteuk/Eunhyuk
074. Flu Season, Shindong/Ryeowook
075. Wrap, Yesung/Donghae
076. Youth, Shindong/Shiwon
077. Pass, Sungmin/Ryeowook
078. Sickness, Kangin/Kyuhyun
079. The Same Old Thing, Eeteuk/Yesung
080. Crackle, Eunhyuk/Shiwon
081. Noise/Noiseless, Kangin/Shindong
082. Evening, Shiwon/Kibum
083. Fever, Hankyung/Eunhyuk
084. Snowflakes, Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun
085. Ache, Shindong/Donghae
086. Violins, Eunhyuk/Kibum
087. Belief, Sungmin/Eunhyuk
088. Numbers, Eeteuk/Kyuhyun
089. "I like your face.", Kangin/Ryeowook
090. Clean, Heechul/Shindong
091. Stars, Yesung/Kangin
092. Gorgeous, WC *
093. Bubble Baths, WC *
094. Makeup, WC *
095. Drowning, WC *
096. "I like you. I like you. I like you.", WC *
097. Glasses, WC *
098. Soothing, WC *
099. Apples, WC *
100. Regrets, WC *